VE Day Street Party, Oakleas Rise, Thrapston

Denis Swingler

VE Day Street Party, Oakleas Rise

Party for the children of Oakleas Rise

Adults, from the left, clockwise:-


Mrs Franklin  ( She was a machinist at the Thornelow & Clarkson clothing factory in Oakleas Rise. Her husband, Charlie, worked at Stewarts and Lloyds, cycling to Corby everyday)

Ms (Margaret) Franklin





Mrs Whittaker ( Raymond, her husband,  was the Thrapston reporter for the Evening Telegraph and the Thrapston & Oundle Journal)



Mr (Reg.) Loakes  ( Reg was Managing Director of the building firm Loakes and Pettit, which built most of Oakleas Rise)

Mrs (Win.) Dodson  (Win was the widow of Sam Dodson who, with Claude Horrell, created Dodson and Horrell)


Mr (Ernie) Todd (Ernie was a baker, with a bakery originally in Barnwell, and later in Market Harborough. His mother lived in Oakleas Rise.)

Alan Todd  ( Alan followed in his fathers footsteps and for several years was Head Pastry Chef at Buckingham Palace)

Mrs (Amy) Loakes  (Amy was the owner of Loakes and Petit at this time, and she lived in the building which is now The Bridge Hotel)

Miss Freemantle

Mr (Alf) Roe    (Alf was a cobbler who worked at Cottons Shoe-shop on shoe repairs)

Mrs Roe

John Roe

Continuing clockwise around the table:-

Sheila Loakes


Denis Swingler

Betty (Elizabeth) Swingler

Peter Todd


Pat Dodson


Stephen Johnson

Jane Loakes

Jim Dodson

Winifred Lane


Further information:

The buildings that became The Bridge Hotel,  at the time doubled up as the business headquarters of the firm Loakes and Petit.

In addition “Oakleas” is an anagram of A(my) Loakes name.


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  • I think the child you have as Peter Todd is Alan Todd and the one next to Pat and Stephen is Peter Todd . I am not certain.

    Jane Fudge nee Loakes

    By Jane Fudge (09/05/2020)
  • Having studied the photo again, would like to adjust and add further information

    11) Mrs “Trot” Loakes
    12)Mrs Todd/ Mrs Lane
    13) Mrs Todd/ Mrs Lane
    20) Miss Freemantle was a schoolteacher.

    Having told my brother that it was Amy Loakes I am now having second thoughts that she could have been Annie. As I am in touch with her granddaughter, will forward the photo to see if she, Jane Fudge (nee Loakes) is able to identify any others in the photo.

    By Lizswingler (28/02/2016)

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