Recollections by Andy & Jean

Wow how the years have flown by.

Believe it or not, I still remember this day.  This photo was taken in August on VJ Day.  Many people didn’t think it was right to be having parties etc., on VE Day because we still had troops fighting and  dying over in the Pacific at the time.  So whoever arranged the Midland Road party waited until VJ Day and the end of the war worldwide.

To the left of the picture, in the top corner, is Dad and Mr. Moisey. The people against the wall were all Midland Road residents and probably grandparents of some of the children at the table.  Nanny Barrett is standing behind me and Flo Knight is behind Nanny B.  Olive is in the first seat there on the left.

The girls behind me at the table, I know one was Bessie Scott but can’t remember names of the others.  But going behind them, at the table, I believe are the Moisey sisters.  On the other side of the table, right side, is the lady who owned the little shop across from the Moiseys’ house. I’m guessing, but think it’s Bamford.  Next to them is the lady who lived in the gasworks cottage and her daughter in front of her.  And then next to her little girl is your cousin Pamela, and Mervyn Knight.  Behind them is Mum and Auntie Edie and Barbara.  If Margaret and John are in the photo they are probably in the way back with the older children.

The lorry and soldiers just happened to be passing by and they were waved over and invited to join the party.  It really was a happy day.

I know I’m going to remember other names later on and when I do I’ll let you know.