St James Church, Thrapston


1221William de Dunington
1247Robert BassetFrom a family of Norman settlers
1288William de Ellesworth
1322William de Glatton
1361John de Carleton
1362Robert Auks
1365Phillip de Nassington
1379Henry de Petlyng
1401William Haylys
1402Richard Damson
1406Alan Thame
1409William Chamberleyn
1422Robert Stocke
1425Robert Bitham
1427John Wytnagton
1437Thomas Person
1445Thomas Baron
1458William ThoresbyYorkshire family, which included John, Archbishop of York
1461Richard Bryan
1465William Thoresby
1467William Blankney
1469John Bysh
1472John Mesant LL.B
1495Henry Horneby
1504Hugh Bulkeley
1524Thomas Hugden
1536Thomas SmallDeprived 1554 – declined allegiance to the Pope.
1556Richard Bradburn
1557Christopher Malton MABecame Rector Sywell 1560
1566John SudlowAlso Rector of Twywell in 1568
1573William CulsonDescribed in 1576 as “Non-conformist”
1579Edmund MassieProtestant, member of Kettering Presbyterian Group
1628Henry Willis MA, BDFellow of Jesus College, Cambridge
1632Thomas HoltFellow of St John’s College
 1659Thomas Tarry Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge
 1662Thomas Medbury MA Previously Rector of Islip
1680John Russell
1709William Foster MA
1755John Willan
1789Septimus Hodson MBSee notes below
1828William Greenwood MA
1837William Salmon Bagshaw MASee notes below
1883Septimus Kingsford MASee notes below
1914Basil Wilberforce Stohert
1917Henry Edward Fitzherbert
1923Alfred Girdleston BagshawGrandson of William Salmon Bagshaw
1929William Howard Tomkins Russell MA Died of pneumonia, 1941
1942Ralph Stenlake Mundy MA
1950Charles Arthur Bender
1957John Edward Clifton Dakin
1979Andrew Daunton-Fear
1990David Bird
1998Graham Bell
2009Charles D Jefferson
2016Nolan Robson

Septimus Hodson MA

Septimus was born in Yorkshire in 1786, and died in London on 12 December 1833.  He helped the poor of the parish in many ways, including distributing food and clothing.

William Salmon Bagshaw MA

William was born in Warwickshire in November 1795 and died in Thrapston in March 1883. He employed architect Donthorn in 1836/37 to redesign the mid 18th century Rectory into the stone building that exists today.

Septimus Kingsford MA

Septimus, prior to arriving in Thrapston he was Chaplain at the British Embassy in St Petersburg, and Tutor to some of the Russian Royal family. Soon after arriving in Thrapston he employed London architect Jackson with regard to a complete restoration of the church.

Septimus Kingsford (Rector 1883-1913)

Septimus Kingsford (Rector 1883-1913)

John Dakin (Rector 1957-1978)

John Dakin (Rector 1957-1978)














This list is an extract from “Thrapston Parish Church – An Historical Guidebook” by Andrew Daunton-Fear.

More information can be found in the Church.