1)         Time from 6 am to 6 pm. Working hours ten hours each day, except on Saturday when only 9 ½ hours will be worked

2)         If any man leaves the premises without permission from the manager during working hours, he shall be fined 1s.

3)         No smoking, gambling, or betting on the premises.

4)         No person is allowed to send for beer or spirits without permission of the manager.

5)         If any workman wishes to have a pint of beer at 11 am he must bring it on his return from breakfast, but shall not stop work to drink it.

6)         No workman shall be allowed to ask a customer for money or beer, or demand payment for any footings on commencing work. Any person breaking this rule shall be discharged.

7)         No person shall use another workman’s tools without permission. If any man strikes another he shall pay a fine of 2s and 6d.

8)         If any man leaves the works before the end of the week on which he entered without the consent of the manager he shall not be paid for any time he has worked during that week.

9)         If any man is not at his work within 5 minutes of the bell he shall lose half an hour.  If more than half an hour late in the morning he shall lose half a day, and if he neglects to put his ticket in the box he shall lose the time.

10)      Each man shall leave a day’s wages in hand, and also sign an agreement which shall state the sum he requires per week for wages.

11)      No man shall be dismissed provided he has kept to the above rules, after he has been employee for 6 months, without a  week’s  notice  from  the  manager,  and  every  workman  is required to give a week’s notice before leaving.