Thrapston Town & Trade Development Association

The Association was keen to encourage local people to use the shops in town so they arranged for some Shopping Attractions!

Leaflet Distributed by Association

In furtherance of our plans for attracting more people to use the Thrapston shops we are arranging:

A Spotting Competition

June 16th to June 21st

Each member of the Association, who shows a badge, or badges in his window, will have one article in his window which is not usually sold by him, and which is as foreign as possible to his business. Prizes are being offered, given by the Association, for the persons who “spot” the largest number of such articles in the various shops.

  • 1st Prize       12/6
  • 2nd Prize       7/6
  • 3rd Prize        5/0
To compete for the prize you must write down as many of these wrong articles as you can find, with the name of the tradesman in whose window you saw them, and send to the Secretary before 6 p.m. on June 23rd.
Result will be made known by notices in the shop windows, on the following Tuesday, and prizes distributed on Saturday evening June 28th.

Winning Number & Free Gifts    

June 23rd to June 28th

The “Thrapston Announcer” for June has just been published, and on each copy is a number. Also on this leaflet is a number. In the tradesmen’s shops during this week will be shown articles which they are prepared to give to the holders of copies bearing the same number as shown in the article.

If you have a winning number on your “Announcer” or on this sheet, send or bring it to the Secretary for the Free Gift distribution on Saturday evening, June 28th, at 7.45 pm.

A Guessing Competition

June 30th to July 5th

In the window of each member of the Association (marked by the Association Badge) will be shown some problem for you to guess.

All details on the window – so look at every window. Write your solutions of the problems on a sheet of paper and send it the Secretary by 6 pm. Monday, July 7th.

Prizes, given by the Association.

  • 1st Prize       12/6
  • 2nd Prize        7/6
  • 3rd Prize         5/0
Secretary A H Touch
Market Place, Thrapston