Solicitors - Chancery lane

Montague House, Chancery Lane, Thrapston

Solicitors in Chancery Lane

John Archbold

started a legal practice in Thrapston in about 1831 and was succeeded by

Geoffrey Hawkins

a brother of Justice Hawkins, the famous Criminal Judge.

At around the same time

Walter Hunnybun

founded a firm of solicitors at Huntingdon, called Hunnybun & Sons.

Hunnybun & Sons

purchased the practice at Thrapston from Geoffrey Hawkins around 1875.

In 1914 the Partners in Hunnybun & Sons were Edward Hunnybun and his son Kenneth and, Gerald Hunnybun and his sons, Martin, Charles, and Norman

Gerald Hunnybun

died in February 1928, but during his working life he was Clerk to:

• the Justices at Thrapston
• Thrapston Rural District Council
• Thrapston Board of Guardians and
• Superintendent Registrar

Martin Hunnybun

was based at Thrapston from 1903 until he died in June 1929, aged 48 years.

Vincent Sykes

became a Partner in Hunnybun & Sons on the 5th April 1927 and was based at Huntingdon. He moved to Thrapston after Martin’s death and subsequently inherited Gerald’s public appointments.

Hunnybun & Sykes

The firm’s name changed to Hunnybun & Sykes around 1932.

Graham Hunnybun

was articled to his father, Kenneth and admitted as a solicitor in 1949, immediately becoming a salaried partner.

Roy Forester Sykes

was articled to his father, Vincent. He was admitted as a solicitor in June 1946 and became a salaried partner in the following November.

Hunnybun & Sykes

The  Practice of Hunnybun & Sykes was dissolved on 31st March 1953.

Kenneth and Graham Hunnybun continued at Huntingdon as Hunnybun & Sons.

Vincent Sykes & Son

Vincent and Roy Sykes continued at Thrapston, as Vincent Sykes & Son, with Roy as a full partner.

Vincent Sykes retired in April 1970 and became a Consultant until his death in February 1976, aged almost 89 years.

Roy Sykes was Clerk to the Justices at Thrapston and Oundle from 1957 until 1974. He retired on 30 April 1982 and died 7 March 1999.

James Higham

was articled to Roy Sykes in 1965 and admitted as a solicitor in October 1970, becoming a Partner at the same time.

Robert King

joined the firm as an assistant solicitor in 1976 and became a Partner the following year. In 1979 he moved to a new office in Oundle as the Partner in charge.

Sharman Sykes

The practice of Vincent Sykes & Son merged with Sharman Jackson & Archer in 1987 and the combined firm became known as Sharman Sykes.

Daniel Berry

became a Partner on the lst May 1989, having joined the firm in March 1983.

Sharman Sykes

The practice of Sharman Sykes de-merged in 1992.

Vincent Sykes

James Higham, Robert King and Daniel Berry continued the practice in Thrapston and Oundle under the title of Vincent Sykes.

Robert King died on the 22 October 1993.

James Higham retired as a Partner on 1 April 1999, and became a consultant to the firm until he retired in 2001.

John Davies

replaced James as partner in April 2000, when the practice of Vincent Sykes de-merged he continued the practice in Thrapston.

Louise Davies

joined as a partner, and the practice became known as

Vincent Sykes & Higham

John Davies, Louise Davies, Rhona Rowland and Shelly Philips are now the Partners in





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