Denford Names

11th Century                                         Deneforde

12th, 13th & 14th Centuries              Deneford

The land rises from the River Nene eastward. The village stands on the road from Chelveston to Thrapston and adjoins the eastern bank of the River Nene.

The church is on the northern side of the village near the river. Not far from it is the Cock Inn, a two-storied house which is dated 1593 and has one or two mullioned windows. Another house in the village has a panel inscribed ‘T.G. 1622.’

The parish was enclosed in 1765.


By 1124–9 the manor of Denford had come into the possession of Gilbert Fitz Richard, whose wife Adeliza de Claremont or Montmorency in 1147–68 is described as Lady of Denford

From 1262 the manor was within the Earl of Gloucester’s holding in Northamptonshire, to which it still belongs.


The first tenant of whom record has been found was Frumbold Denford, who in the 12th century survey appears as holding half a hide of land.

In charters of the same century, Walter son of Gilbert Denford appears and he was succeeded by his son Gilbert and grandson Walter, the latter of whom was living in 1219. Shortly afterwards the manor was divided.


From: ‘Parishes: Denford’, A History of the County of Northampton: Volume 3 (1930)