Local Government Reorganisation

Parish Council to Town Council

Following the reorganisation in 1974, Thrapston Parish Council became a Town Council. This new status brought few extra responsibilities, if any at all, but it did allow the Chairman of the Council to be the Mayor of the town for his/her period of office.

Chairmen & Mayors of Thrapston

Name                        Year of Office

J C Newton1974 75
JC Newton1975 76
P C L   Carress1976 77
G F Hunt1977 78
B J Dennison1978 79
J Wilson1979 80
C E Diamond1980 81
Miss P S   Goss1981 82
D E Crawley1982 83
G F Hunt1983 84
J Wilson1984 85
C E Diamond1985 86
J C Bunyan1986 87
Miss P S   Goss1987 88
D E Crawley1988 89
Mrs G M Davies1989 90
Mrs G M   Davies1990 91
J C Bunyan1991 92
Miss P S   Goss1992 93
P H W   Loaring1993 94
Mrs E A   Treacy1994 95
Mrs E A   Treacy1995 96
G C James1996 97
Miss M Whiteman1997 98
B R Patel1998 99
B J Dennison1999 00
Miss P S   Goss2000 01
D M Crawley2001 02
Philip J   Pike2002 03
Miss P S   Goss2003 04
Miss M   Whiteman2004 05
D M Crawley2005 06
Eric   Franklin2006 07
Neil Busby2007 08
David Read2008 09
Kevin Fouhy2009 10
Shirley A Haynes2010 11
Eddie Sewell2011 12
Val Carter2012 13
Peter Baden2013 14
Alan Winter2014 15